RIC Training Workshop on Smart Technology for Research Management, 07th August, 2019

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  • Posted On: 2019-Apr-11

Wednesday, 07th August, 2019

Room A-109, ITC




  • Raising awareness ICT technology available for researchers, RIC staff,
  • Identify suitable ICT technologies for Research project application and implementation monitoring,
  • Training workshop to design research administration management application for researchers, staff,
  • Develop ICT integration roadmap for research and management



Expected results:

  • RIC-ITC researchers are aware of available ICT tools for research management implementation
  • RIC-ITC researchers are enabled to use some smart ICT technologies for their research and research management
  • Roadmap to enhance ICT integration roadmap for research and management drafted






Resource person:

  • Mr. Jeevanandhan Duraisamy 

Founder CEO, Climate Smart Technologies, S2, II Floor, RV Apartments, Near CTC Bus depot, Pollachi, Coimbatore 642001, Tamil Nadu, India,


Mobile:+91.9095093639   +918588893639, Email: climatesmartech@gmail.com

Web: climatesmartech.com 


Mr. Jeeva (Jeevanandhan Duraisamy) is founder CEO of two Startups - Climate Smart Technologies (CST) & EC Retail. Within a year these startups have developed more than 360 Android Apps of which some of them are World Class app covering Agriculture, E Commerce, Smart Education and Smart Cities, got four Solar Roofing sheet design Patents and one patent is pending approval. Also providing Full Stack Android training. He aims to get IT, IoT, Robotics, Bigdata and Artificial intelligence elements in Agriculture, Rural Development, Solar energy, smart homes, farms, industry and stores integrating FARM to FORK seamlessly.


He has worked for The World Bank consultant (2014-2018) in India in Agriculture, Climate Change and water sector. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO-UN) Internationally for 9 years (2003 – 2013) based in Cambodia as Climate Change officer (4 years), in Italy as Emergency operations officer (2 years) and in Mozambique as Community Forestry officer (3 years). He had worked 2 years (2001-2002 & 2007) for the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) based in Mozambique as Senior Adviser and in India as Project officer. He was adviser to the Ministry of Science and Technology of Government of Mozambique. He worked as Young Professional in Watershed Management for 1.5 years (2000-2001) with CAPART under Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India in Delhi.


He holds a Bachelors degree in Zoology from Loyola College, and a Masters in Community Development Social Work from Madras School of Social Work, University of Madras, India. During his studies he had interned with M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority for the UN Habitat's Sustainable Chennai Programme, Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board and the Olfsta Kopertiv in Sweden.


He has traveled to 54 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America for work and leisure.


  • MS Tanvi Rajput, GIS IT Consultant, Climate Smart Technologies, S2, II Floor, RV Apartments, Near CTC Bus depot, Pollachi, Coimbatore 642001, Tamil Nadu, India









Registration for all participants


Opening remark


What challenge in management research-?


Smart ICT modules and tools relevant for research field (Available Technologies)

    1. Satellite signals
    2. Global Positioning Systems
    3. Google maps
    4. Plot mapping
    5. Route mapping
    6. Google lens




Smart Survey App for Research, Baseline and Monitoring

Questionnaire, Offline / online survey, Submission, Transparency validation, Automated Graph generation, Speech to Text report generation, Future impact analysis


Capacity building needed




Current practice, challenges-expectation –role of ICT


Sharing Experience of Smart Education App

Registration, Faculty, Students, College application, fees,


Group work to develop road map for ICT platform for efficient research and management




Presentation and discussion on roadmap


Preparation to design research and research profile management system (online) (small group work)


Closing remark

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