Mechatronics and Information Technology (MIT)

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Mechatronics and Information Technology (MIT)

Cambodian Context

The booming of the IT and communication sector in Cambodia enables to transfer of a large amount of data at a low cost. At the same time, agriculture, climate and weather authorities, public health institutions, energy firms, town councils … produce a growing number of data with the support of smartphones or data acquisition devices. The processing and the correct use of this information is a challenge in Cambodia under the threat of epidemics, climate change, or air pollution events where fast processing and fast reactions are required.

On another hand, food, mining, and manufacturing industries do also require data science – for quality control, as well as actions and corrections, therefore academic expertise in automation and control, robotics, embedded objects is likely to trigger the development of cheap, smart devices (smartphones apps, small robots, controllers) for SMEs focusing on high technology but with small capital investment.


To be the center of excellence in Intelligent Mechatronics and Intelligent Decision Support Systems.


  • To advance applied multidisciplinary research of Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence, Telecommunication, and Aerospace through national and international collaborations for fostering national academic community and serving society.

Research Laboratories

  • Dynamics and Control (DCLab)
  • Power Electronics, Control, and Automation
  • Power System, New and Renewable Energy
  • Electronics and Communication
  • Data Science
  • Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing

Research Themes

The combination of the different areas: information technology and mechatronics allows developing specific topics related to the  

1- Intelligent Mechatronics
2- Artificial Intelligence
3- Telecommunication and Internet of Things
4- Aerospace and Space Engineering
5- Optimization for Operation Research and Supply Chain Management

Research Projects